We have developed or sourced a number of items which may make life easier.  They can be supplied mail order, or brought to a race meeting, or we may have them on the race truck.

We often have to make items that are either no longer available or prohibitively expensive elsewhere.   We employ modern 3D CAD/CAM techniques as part of the design and manufacture process.

Toyota Piedrafita 3S-GE SXE10 throttle Position Sensor

Omicron has a solution which we think is better.   We have sourced and specified our own throttle position sensor and supply this as a kit together with a mounting bracket.   It is plug and play, very quick to fit, and easily undone if required.   No modifications to the car or loom needed.

We trialled it on Tristan’s F307 at the opening rounds of the 2012 MSV F3 Cup championships and it worked flawlessly.

The early warning signs are unexpected spikes or troughs on the datalogging trace for throttle position…

Throttle Traces

Gearshift ignition cut Switches for European Open F3 cars

We are able to supply gear cut switches!

F305-7 Battery Master Switches

Initially difficult to source, Omicron have found a direct replacement for the battery master switch that means you don’t have to re-engineer the cable controls.   Whilst there are many similar switches available and could be used, many will require you to re-route the operating cables which is annoying if it comes as a surprise to you.

Our switch also has the same size of wiring terminals as well, meaning you don’t have to fit new terminals to the wires or hastily file them out in the paddock – should be as simple as remove and replace.

Toyota (Piedrafita) 3S-GE starter motor mount

Whilst investigating a recaltricant starter motor we noticed the mounting bracket was cracked.     This was welded and milled back into shape but the crack came back indicating there was something weak in the design.

Piedrafita wanted a huge sum of money to supply a replacement so we developed our own replacement which according to our FEA stress/strain analysis should be stronger than the original.   It is also a fraction of the price.

We can also supply an uprated starter motor as well as replacement starter motor clutches.

HT Leads

We can provide HT cable sets for the Piedrafita prepared Toyota 3S-GE that were fitted to  Spanish F3 and European Open F3 cars.

We can also supply replacement coils and spark plugs.

It is a sensible precaution for all drivers / teams to have a spare set in stock in case of a misfire.

Toyota 3S-GE revision 3 Exhaust Flange

As far as we know, the third revision of the Toyota 3S-GE was never used in contemporary F3.

The revision 3 in road trim was the most powerful of the 3S-GE engines that conform to current Monoposto regulations, and we thing this advantage is maintained when converted to racing use.    If you have a car with the necessary Toyota F3 fitting kit, you will find the exhaust manifold flange does not fit the Rev.3 cylinder head.

We have had the exhaust manifold flange digitised and with the aid of CAD/CAM and laser cutting techniques can supply a flange ready for your exhaust fabricator to use as a starting point for your new exhaust system.

Dallara F397 to F307 Rear Wing Pylons (Mono or F3 spec)

If you are converting a car from F3 spec to Monoposto spec, one of the things that has to be done is to increase the ride height from 15-20mm to a minimum of 40mm. (MSA regulation Q 19.17/T)

If you are not careful, in doing so you will fall foul of another part of MSA regulation Q 19.17/C – the rear wing must be 900mm or lower from the ground.   Complying with one regulation will cause problems with the other.

We can supply a pair of rear wing pylons, which have been tried and tested on both the F398 and F397 cars we have prepared.  They are CAD designed and laser cut from aluminium and include provision for a rear jacking pole and should ensure that your rear wing remains legal assuming you are running a fairly sensible rake angle.

Thick enough to be sufficiently strong, but in case of an accident, it is hopefully thin enough to bend before the gearbox casing cracks  (although we can’t, of course, guarantee this)

Supplied in pairs.