Dallara F311-VW (F3 Cup) 2013-2015

Acquired – Early 2015
Raced – 2015

When the next era of cars were allowed into F3 Cup, Jacopo Sebastiani was keen to find the best car as this would be a front running car for the next 5 seasons.   This car was found in Germany at Motopark where it was previously raced by Nabil Jeffri.

We are learning and appreciating the subtle nuances of the 308-311 car, although there is a lot that is simply an evolution or refinement of previous cars.

Dallara F302/4-Vauxhall (Monoposto F3) 2016

2016_bishop_cadwellAcquired – 2016
Raced – 2016

Tony Bishop returned to Omicron Motorsport for his 2016 Monoposto F3 campaign.    Having purchased the ex-Daryl Jones car, Tony had the car re-wrapped.     Tony has had a strong start to the season so far and we look forward to keeping the momentum up as the season approaches the half way point.

Dallara F305-Mugen (F3 Cup) 2013

AGMC2142Acquired – Early 2013
Raced – 2013 and 2014

For 2013 a second car was purchased, providing Omicron Motorsport the opportunity to provide an arrive-and-drive package for interested drivers. The car is an ex-T-Sport 2005/7 car, and is fitted with a National Class specification NBE-Mugen-Honda engine that can be rebuilt in-house rather than sub-contracted to the engine builder.

Despite having substantially different suspension configurations, Omicron quickly became the fastest team in F3 Cup, and ultimate championship honours were lost due to driver errors rather than reliability or preparation problems.

Dallara F307-Toyota (F3 Cup) 2012

Acquired – Late 2011
Raced – 2012 and 2013

This car came from the European Open F3 Series, where it was raced by West-Tec and driven by Sam Dejonghe to 2nd place in the Copa class championship as well as class wins.

It uses the long-life Toyota engine prepared by Piedrafita in Madrid and is fitted with a larger restrictor to compensate. Peak power is broadly similar, but there is an offset in torque, but the cost of engine rebuilds is considerably lower to compensate, and the engine will run happily on high octane pump fuel for testing rather than the expensive Sunoco 102 fuel that a normal F3 engine insists upon.

We have added an AIM Evo 4 datalogger and AIM Formula steering wheel to both this and the sister car in order to make comparing each car and driver easier.   Both cars also have a Replay XD camera fitted to record the drivers actions during each session.

These are cars that we have had extensive involvement with, but we have also had lesser involvement with other cars

Dallara F306-Toyota (F3 Cup) 2012

Acquired for client – Late 2011
Raced – 2012

Tony’s car for the 2012 F3 Cup season was an ex-West-Tec car.

It used the long-life Toyota engine prepared by Piedrafita in Madrid and is fitted with a larger restrictor to compensate. Peak power is broadly similar, but there is an offset in torque, but the cost of engine rebuilds is considerably lower to compensate, and the engine will run happily on high octane pump fuel for testing rather than the expensive Sunoco 102 fuel that a normal F3 engine insists upon.

We added an AIM Evo 4 datalogger and an AIM Formula steering wheel to both cars in order to compare datalogging easily.

This car is no longer operated by Omicron Motorsport

Dallara F398-Toyota (Monoposto) 2009-2012

Acquired – Late 2008
Raced – 2009 to 2012

After winning the Mono2000 Classic Championship in 2008, a new challenge was needed as the outright race wins were contested between Dallaras and the trusty Reynard could not brake or corner as quickly.

Because we had learned a lot about the Toyota engine we were keen to find a car with a Toyota engine, and we found this car.    Raced back in the day by GT racers Adam Wilcox and Aaron Scott, its most famous driver was Takuma Sato who made his European F3  debut in this car.   Sato went on to drive in Formula One and IndyCar.

2009 was regarded as a learning year and we missed the Anglesey meeting due to distance, and the Donington meeting which was rained off and re-sheduled which clashed with a prior commitment.   We still claimed 3rd overall in the drivers championship and took several outright race wins.

Regulations changed in 2010 to permit fuel injection for the first time.   We converted the car using local ECU and throttle body manufacturers and took the drivers championship at the last meeting of the year, although we had a persistent misfire for most of the season which we were gradually able to map out.

2011 saw us take back to back titles with this car and at the end of the season, the car was sold to Tony Bishop who used it for the 2012 season, finishing 2nd in the championship and recording his first racing wins.

This car is no longer operated by Omicron Motorsport

Reynard 883-Toyota (Monoposto) 2006-2008

Reynard 883 – Toyota (Mono 2000 Classic)
Acquired – Mid 2005
Sprinted – 2006
Raced – 2007 & 2008
Sold – 2009 (although still active)

The Reynard 883 was Omicron’s first single seater.   Originally raced in Sweden, UK and Macau by Rickard Rydell, it was acquired by us in 2005, and the morning of Christmas Day 2005 was spent tearing up and down the runway of the local airfield which was far more interesting than peeling sprouts.

Initially sprinted by Tristan and Andrew in 2006, before being converted to Monoposto spec for the 2007 season.

Tristan’s debut was in the pouring rain of Castle Combe on ancient wets but by the end of the season was delighted to have scored his first podium.

The car became eligible for the new Mono2000 Classic Class and in 2008 became the first winner of the Championship, but it was clear that the car couldn’t compete against the more modern Dallaras.

The car was sold at the end of 2009 to Lenny Coleman and is now owned by Marcus Sheard.

Dallara F302/4-Toyota (F3 Cup) 2011-2012

Acquired by client – Mid 2011
Raced – 2011 & 2012

This car was purchased by Tony in 2011.   It was raced in the UK previously by Phil Moore, previously spending time in Asian F3 and before that in Japanese F3.

Tony raced it at Brands Hatch in 2011, and Tristan raced it at Oulton Park in 2011, securing a pole poistion and a 3rd place finish.      Aaron Steele used the car at Spa-Francorchamps 2012 taking the car to two 2nd places.

This car is no longer operated by Omicron Motorsport but is still active in Monoposto

Dallara F397-Vauxhall (Monoposto) 2011

Acquired for client – Late 2010
Raced – 2011

Tony Bishop joined us for the 2011 season.  He had raced in Mono in 2000 in a Formula Renault but wanted a car that could regularly challenge for race wins.     He bought the ex-Jeremy Timms’ Dallara F397 and this was stripped and rebuilt over winter 2010.

This car was originally supplied new to the German F3 Series where is stayed for 1997 and 1998, before moving to Austria for three seasons where it won several championships and came 2nd with other drivers.    It came to the UK and Matthew Gilmore almost won the British F3 National Class, pipped by Robbie Kerr.      Shane Kelly contested the car in ARP F3 before an expensive engine failure saw Timms’ acquire the car and convert it to Mono.

We fitted throttle body injection and ignition and for 2011 Tony Bishop drove the car, eventually finishing 3rd in the drivers championship.

For 2012 he decided to take an option on Tristan’s F398.

This car is no longer operated by Omicron Motorsport but is still active in Monoposto.

Dallara F394-Toyota

The job, originally, was to set up the customer’s Dallara accurately and to inspect the car for any problems. A few weeks earlier Tristan had been asked to pop down to Snetterton to test drive the car in the hope that more light could be shed on the handling issues that were limiting lap times. The customer had been unable to get below 70 seconds, when 68 or 69 second laptimes should be normal.

Tristan found that the car had pronounced understeer through the corner, despite a nice turn in and predictable handling in the advent of oversteer.  Changes to the monoshock and the aerodynamics did little to help on the day. However, in Tristan’s hands the car did a 1m09.3, which gave the customer confidence that he could push the car a bit more.  A vibration was also identified that would have made a race distance less comfortable and, potentially, slower. A subsequent pre-event test session in the car, with the vibration now cured, saw the owner beat his personal best in the car, matching Tristan’s 69 second laptime.

However, a bearing failure in the gearbox foreshortened the test day, and forced withdrawal of the race meeting. With just two weeks between that event and a race at Spa Francorchamps, Belgium, time was of the essence.  The original setting up job was expanded to include removing the gearbox, having it rebuilt, and then refitting everything.  Omicron Engineering took to the challenge, and soon had the gearbox at specialists JP Race Shop where it was rebuilt and serviced.

Once returned, everything was refitted, with most of the potential problems being cured in the process. Many issues were found and fixed before attention was turned to the setup of the car, as new brake discs and pads were fitted. The brakes had, apparently, been progressively losing bite, and this was traced to tapered brake pads. This, in turn, was caused by using an unsuitable pad compound that was outside of its comfort zone on a Formula 3 car. Our flat floor was then used to ensure the ride height was optimal, and then cambers, toe-in and corner weights were set accurately.  The handling problem – mid-corner understeer was traced to massive toe-out on the left front corner.

The car went directly from us to Mallory Park for a pre-Spa shakedown test, and the car was instantly better according to the customer. Whilst no personal bests were made – the brakes needed bedding in, and the tyres were being saved for Spa – the feedback has so far been very positive.

Mygale SJ00

We had a Mygale SJ00 Formula Ford 1800 here over the winter of 2010/11, mostly for setup work (camber, toe, ride heights, corner weights, bump steer, castor etc), but also to overhaul the steering rack, repair the radiator and one or two other smaller job.

The driver took to the track in 2011 and is very happy with the handling improvements, as well as the steering feel, and the lack of coolant leaks!!

The car and driver have gone quicker than ever since visiting Omicron Motorsport, and is currently leading the Monoposto SUNBAC Nova Awards, which is for novice drivers at the start of the year.

The car took 3rd place in the 2011 and 2012 Mono1800 championships.