3D printing

handbrake_shoeWe often have to design and make parts, especially when working with older cars or when you are combining things that have not been used together before, and it is often useful to be able to quickly make a dimensionally accurate representative part from plastic before having an expensive batch made from metal.   Being able to verify a computer 3D CAD file quickly and cheaply can prevent an expensive mistake.

Taking a leaf from Formula 1, Omicron Motorsport now has its own 3D printer to make prototype parts.

The photograph shows a handbrake shoe that we printed to verify the 3D CAD model before commissioning a batch of shoes.

We are also able to print things out for our customers, so if you have an “STL” file of something and it is within the build limitation sizes of our machine (140mm square, 130mm deep), we can print out your design.    If you need a 3D model designing then we can help with that too!

We’re listed on 3D Hubs, but you can contact us directly if necessary.